About Us

The foot spa has been delivering results since we opened in 2010 and remodeled in 2017. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

We have 3 private room, if you want to reserve your private room, please notify us when you make your reservation and we will charge $5/person private room fee.

On Yelp, we are 4-star store, have about 500 reviews on Yelp and have about 300 five star reviews.

We have three special offers:

You will get extra $1 off for cash payment

Deep Tissue Therapy:                    $31/hr(reg $58)

Signature Deep Tissue Therapy: $46/90mins(reg $98)

Two Hour Deep Tissue Therapy: $62/120mins(reg $116)

(On most of the Holidays, we are busy, and we may not able to offer the $21 deal, please call us to confirm the deal)

Please tip our therapist by using the regular price instead of the discount price. 20% tips for our deep tissue is $10+. our store does not take any share of your tips and your therapist will get 100% of your tips. they really rely on your tips to keep up their hard work.

Please make reservation before you come to our store. or you may experience a long waiting time.

When our therapist provide you the service,If you find our service did not meet your expectation. Please let our store manager know as soon as possible.  you could also text the store manager at 702-767-1688. we want you satisfied with our service, do not want you to get a bad service when we could fix it.  Thank you for supporting our business.